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Raise your vibration esoteric

Would you like to raise your frequency?

Esoteric Acupuncture is a deeply restorative treatment that brings the body-mind into a state of stillness (meditation). Treatments work on harmonising your spirit (“shen”) heart (“xin”), and strengthening the energy (“qi”), improving awareness, direction and purpose in life.
Fine needles are inserted at specific points in grid like patterns on the body with the aim of balancing and harmonising the seven main energy centres.

Returning balance and harmonising of the energy centres then triggers the release of stored energy, initiating healing on all levels. It is most often experienced as a sense of being lighter and more energised.

What’s unique about Esoteric?

Sessions require 90mins and due to the activating effects are recommended in 3 monthly intervals. Esoteric is a gentle, yet profound system of work. It is very well suited to anyone interested open to experiencing a high vibrational system of acupuncture.

 It offers you an option if you are energy sensitive, find regular needling too intense or are looking for a shift or breakthrough.

$130 (1hr 30mins)

Find Your Element

Looking for balance, energy and transformation at core level?

Like to know your constitutional element, feel more balanced and resilient?

Five element acupuncture treats at a constitutional level to bring deep balance, peace and well being. It is more of an ancient, shamanic style where your ‘spirit’ is treated primarily is about recovering and maintaining balance of being.  The aim is to uncover your constitutional element; Fire, Earth, Metal, Water or Wood and energise it.

Once you know your element, so will you gain a new frame of reference, to understand, recognise states of imbalance and how to best support your own system. It is deeply insightful and empowering.
Once primary issues are balanced, treatment can then become about nourishing the system to feel even greater balance, peace and joy in life.

What do 5 element sessions involve?

To find your element..quick needling clears blocks, then points are energised with cones of high grade moxa. 
When blocks are cleared, so can feelings of stress, worry, anxiety, depression, exhaustion and frustration along with symptoms like headaches, muscle tension, nasal issue and digestive discomfort. 

Most commonly, clients report feeling a profound sense of grounding, balance, peace and a clearing of physical issues that may have been present.

Experience the benefits of a psychological, mental and/or emotional shift, renewed perspective along with a greater sense energy and balance.
In areas such as fatigue, depression, fertility and post-natal recovery, clearing blocks can be very influential. They can be like gateways that assist in opening up the flow again, benefiting all chosen forms of treatment.

$130 (1hr 30 mins)

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