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Pregnant Potential

Acupuncture offers a broad scope of support..

You may be early or further along in your pregnancy journey, need support with issues that are arising and would like a continuity of support through birth and beyond.

This initial session focuses getting to know you and how you’re flowing on all levels with pregnancy. I can offer assistance in clearing any issues that are arising, release any stress or emotional challenges and and look to uncover your Constitutional element for the deepest level of support.

For ongoing sessions book flowing on follow ups.

$130 (1hr 30mins)

Blissful Birth And
Induction Prep

What you will receive

Wanting the most efficient and satisfying birth possible?
Birth preparation sessions are recommended from week 36 weeks to 40 weeks. It is the ideal way to prepare you for an effective labour, motherhood to come and induction sessions if they are needed.
I also support you with faster EFT style work, to release any fears, doubts or traumas you may be feeling in connection with your birthing journey for greater freedom and empowerment.


If induction sessions are required, having birth prep sessions are the best way to make a start. If induction is required, it involves 3 sessions over 4 days, ideally starting a week prior to a set hospital induction date. The first session is 1hr-90 mins depending on whether it’s an initial consultation or following on from previous birth prep sessions.

$90 (1hr)

Basic Pregnancy Package

What you will receive

The basic birth package includes pre-birth support based on your needs and includes 2 postnatal sessions to aid recovery. You can come for birth prep from 36-40 weeks or require induction sessions in place of birth prep or in addition to.
Emotional Freedom technique, back and shoulder massage are included to release any birth trauma and breastfeeding tension post birth. Diet therapy and herbal medicine advice are also offered to aid recovery.

In Summary:

  • 1x 90min initial consultation
  • 3x 1hr birth prep sessions/ or inductions of choice between 36-40 weeks,
  • 2x 1hr mobile post birth home visits recovery sessions
  • + Free invitation to attend one of our post partum village gatherings and FB group for support in your first 12months.( valued at $70)

Any of the above sessions can be extended and paid for where required. If sessions are shorter than quoted as above, the remaining time can be credited to future sessions.

Additional postnatal doula support is a great thing to add to your resources. I recommend Kellie Hermes of Adorabirth

$620 (6hr 30 mins)

Premium Pregnancy Package

What you will receive:

The Premium birth package includes all the support you need from your birth preparation sessions to your post natal recovery with the flexibility to adjust where needed. This package is the ultimate in birthing support.

In Summary:

  • 1x 90mins@$130 initial consultation
  • 3x 60mins@$240 birth prep sessions
  • 1x 60min@$110 mobile hospital visit
  • 2x 60min@$220 postbirth mobile home visit
  • 1x 60min@$90 postnatal clinic session
  • 1x90min @$130 session for your partner as they need it as well to claim pre or post birth!
  • +FREE 12 month invitation to attend 3 postnatal village gatherings of your choice ( valued at $210)

Any of the above sessions can be extended and paid for where required. If sessions are shorter than quoted as above, the remaining time can be credited to future sessions. Additional postnatal doula support is a great thing to add to your resources.

Additional postnatal doula support is a great thing to add to your resources. I recommend Kellie Hermes of Adorabirth

$920 (10hr)

The Ins and Outs of Acupuncture during Pregnancy

Enjoy a Flowing Pregnancy Passage

Holly can empower you through assisting to shift multiple issues with acupuncture. Each session addresses deeper stress levels of stress, anxiety, fears, and trauma. Acupuncture can support areas of weakness during pregnancy and can build up your energy for birth.

Acupuncture is safe and effective for the following issues in pregnancy:

– Anaemia
– Anxiety
– Breech Baby (from 33 weeks)
– Birth Preparation treatments
– Constipation
– Colds & Flu
– Depression
– Fatigue
– Haemorrhoids
– Hay Fever
– Heartburn
– Hypertension
– Induction (getting labour started naturally)
– Insomnia
– Itching
– Irritable Uterus
– Morning Sickness
– Nausea
– Optimal positioning of your bub for birth
– Pain (back, hips, legs, ribs, neck, shoulder, pubis)
– Reflux
– Sinisitis
– Small-For-Dates babies
– Swelling / Oedema
– UTI (Urinary Tract Infection)
– Vaginal Itching
– Varicose Veins
– Vulval
– Varicosities

Birth Preparation

From 36 weeks, weekly sessions are recommended as a way of strengthening and activating the systems that support birth. This is also the optimal time to clear any doubts, fears, traumas or stress around birth.

The added benefit of blissful birth prep sessions is that if babies are breech, posterior or malpositioned, there is time to identify these issues and may be of assistance. Women are also taught to self-apply moxa for the strongest effects in turning and encouraging babies to remain in optimal positions.

Uniquely, I offer to train any birth supports in key acupressure points for birth, during one of these sessions.

Induction sessions

When women have passed their due dates, are under pressure and threat of a hospital induction, acupuncture can be option and an effective choice in activating labour. Although there can be reasons to induce ahead of due date, the most optimal results are achieved through waiting as long as possible before commencing induction. This involves 3 consecutive sessions over 4 days following on from blissful birth prep. If there are fears, stress or trauma arising at this stage, I work to shift and release any fear, doubts, stress or trauma to be in the best possible space for birthing.

The Ins and Outs of Acupuncture during Birth

Experience the speed and effectiveness of acupuncture, acupressure and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) in your birthing experience.

Holly has over 10 years experience in assisting at births, where she enjoys being part of the birth team alongside hospital and private midwives, birth supports and attendants.

Holly can attend your birth to apply acupuncture, acupressure and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) where babies are mal-positioned, to induce or activate labour, strengthen/activate contractions and to provide pain relief.

Attending your birth

Once birth has commenced, there can be issues and pressure around birth not progressing. Contractions can slow down, there can be added pressure due to policies around time frames related to issues involved.

Part of having a blissful birth is calling on Holly to assist in re-establishing or strengthening contractions at critical stages, where you are exhausted by lengthy labours or where medical inductions haven’t worked.

Acupressure for your birth

Experience the versatility and effectiveness of acupressure for activation and pain relief in labour. It can address many of the issues that can arise as effectively as needles such as strengthening contractions, pain relief, calming through transition and assisting placental retention.

Have your birth support people trained up as a blissful birth prep sessions.

EFT in labour

Have a smooth emotional ride in your birthing journey. Birth can be a very confronting and challenging. Tapping can clear fears and anxieties that maybe effected by external influences while birthing. Holly can be there to tap when needed.

Training birth supports

Be empowered in the power of acupressure. Holly trains birth supports in acupressure so that they feel confident in locating points and how/ when to best apply certain points during labour.

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